Jeff Deeth - Production Sound Mixer.                       more.

I have been mixing all kinds of audio for about 20 years now, working with many of the most talented musicians, actors, producers, directors, and speakers.

Film / Video / ENG / EFP  -  location sound services.

Line Array Systems  -  concerts, tours, events, and theater.

Digital and Analog Tools  -  sound system, location, studio.

Audio Post Production  -  feature film, doc, tv, music, web.

Sound Design  -  film, television, theater, installations, events.

Live Broadcasts  -  radio, television, satellite trucks, remote.

Jeff Deeth ( that's me ) moved to Chicago in 1990 after receiving degrees in music and theater studies.

My Studio and my home are now in Minneapolis and I keep a small office in Chicago. I travel regularly to Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Austin, anywhere. Feel free to contact me any time.          



     Always pursuing the best possible

        audio production aesthetics.

     Local: Minneapolis and Chicago


Depth  2006